♥ Your eyebrows are your most important facial accessorie ♥

This is so funny but deadly serious! 😉

Brows can take many forms and still be really nice and there are plenty of products to make eyebrows sharp and precise. The mistake many, especially young girls, are doing is that they pluck their eyebrows too thin or shave them completely away and draw them up with a browpencil in an overly dark tone, DON’T DO THAT! In destroys your hair follicles  and in the worst cases, they do not grow out again.

There is a good guideline for the angles brow should be. Always comb brow with a brow brush, pluck the brow if there are some small hairs astray. I use eye shadow to my eyebrows, because I think it gives a nice natural look. Remember that to Scandinavian women, always choose cold tones.

Use an angled brow brush and stay focused on the bottom line of the brow becomes sharp and tones up, don’t make it sharp at the top as it weighs your face downward. Our eyebrows are almost never long and impressive to the end so make sure that you get a fine precision tip to finish the end of the brow.

I could not help but find some ups’ here!

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