SS17 is all about beautiful and natural makeup, with a feminine touch of pink, on both cheeks, eyes and lips. It is the ideal look for every day use, if you want to look effortless and glowy, in no time. The makeup look was created by MAC Cosmetics, for a show that Nicci was Key on the hair look. Follow the easy step-by-step and you can recreate this fresh look, straight off the runway. 


How to: 

1. Apply moisture to a clean skin, by spraying some MAC Fix+ lightly all over the face. It is important that your skin is well moisturized for this type of look.

2. If you have some areas that are extra dry, take a q-tip with some MAC Softening Lotion on, and gently dap it on the dry areas. That will leave your skin looking fresh a nourished.

3. Prime the skin with MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion, to give the skin an even texture and moisture at the same time.

4. Add a natural highlight to the cheekbones and nose, with a little bit of MAC Strobe Cream. This highlighting cream is extremely moisturising, so if you have a drier skin, it is the perfect solution for you.

5. Use very fluffy brush and a little bit of MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation to even out the skin. Apply it from the nose and out, that way you don’t use too much product.

6. If you have any impurities or areas you want to cover up more, apply a little bit of MAC Pro Longwear Concealer to those areas. Make sure you dont apply too mush product, as you want a natural finish.

7. Mix two pink cream blushes – one light and one dark – and add that mix to the apples of the cheek with your fingers. It is very important that you blend it into the skin so it looks natural. MAC Cream Colour Base ’Pink Shock’ og ’Madley Magenta’.

8. Apply the same colour to the lips and cheeks – This adds the feminine touch to the look.

9. Set your eye brows with a clear brow gel, to keep them in the perfect shape all day. This is the one of the easiest tricks to get your brows to look groomed, without doing a lot.  MAC Brow Set ‘Clear’.

10. As the final touch, apply a clear lipgloss on the eyelids to make the finished result fresher. MAC Clear Gloss.


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