Our previous students success stories and testimonials are extremely important to us, as they proof that our teaching methods, techniques and ambitions that we educate from at Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy are based on the right tools to be successful in the beauty industry.

A lot of our previous students have great success nationally and internationally, and below you can read and get inspired by the testimonials from some of our most successful previous students. Who knows, some day it might be your name on that list!



Sabrine Sziney (international fashion and beauty)

One of Sabrines first jobs after graduating from Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy was assisting Nicci on Italian L’Uomo Vogue, which gave her a taste for high fashion. Since then Sabrine has been travelling with work for jobs such as assisting in Paris for French Vogue editorial shoot and filming in Mallorca as the key makeup artist for a Hollywood movie. She is also a regular backstage at Copenhagen Fashion Week.  She is now living and working in New York, where she is working as a freelance makeup artist.

“After I finished at the academy I got the opportunity to assist Nicci at a shoot for L’Uomo Vogue – It was a huge experience! You have to be ready to work hard the first year or so, to build up a strong network and experience. But it pays of in the end. Since I finished I have done everything – fashion shows, photo shoots, album covers, commercials, TV, events, beauty, etc.”

Marie Dausell – (Beauty, Fashion and Editorial)

After Marie graduated from Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy she started to assist makeup artist, Anne Staunsager, and on the side she created beautiful makeup looks for her own Instagram. Marie’s amazing talent quickly got spotted by some of the most acknowledged makeup artist in the world, such as Pat McGrath and Val Garland. Today Marie works as a freelance makeup artist and now has over 50K followers on Instagram.

“After many years of only dreaming of becoming a makeup artist, I finally decided to do it, and therefore I started at Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy. Never have I thought it was possible that two months could go by so fast. It was an amazing experience and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. 

Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy was the perfect start to kick off my carrier, as the education gave me the right tools and basic techniques that I was missing, to be able to start a life as a makeup artist. Nicci gave me some really good advise along the way, and guided me in the right direction in this huge beauty industry – Something I will be her eternally grateful for.”

Nini Elizabeth Jørgensen (mode, TV, commercials, music, shows and editorial)

Nini works as a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist, and has done that since she graduated from Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy. Her job consists of  multiple things; TV, photo shoots, TV shows, fashion shows, music videos, red carpet events, brides, etc. Besides that Nini is also teaching at the academy in both hair and makeup. She is a part of the Nicci Welsh team.

“I loved my time at the academy, it was the perfect way to start my career in this business. It was really intense, rewarding and last but not least very cosy! After I graduated I started to assist, which gave me a lot of experience and knowledge. It is hard work, but in the end it pays of.”

Pil Gad (fashion, TV, commercials, editorial, shows and music)

Pil has since she graduated at the academy worked with some of the top names in the Danish music industry and is still working with them today. These are names such as L.O.C., Infernal and Cisilia. She also works a lot with TV (TV3, TV2, DR1, etc.), where she does shows, Live TV and regular programmes. Besides that Pil also do editorial photo shoots for magazines such as Woman and LIME. She is a part of the Nicci Welsh Team, and is therefore always working on big red carpet events to get celebrities ready.

“The education at the Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy has made it possible for me to work with some of the best make-up artists and photographers in the country. I quickly made a lot of contacts to photographers, stylists and people in the TV and advertising business.”

Cecilie Do (fashion, commercials, TV, red carpet and fashion week)

Cecilie works with fashion, brides, photo shoots, Copenhagen Fashion Week, Elle Style Awards, the Robert Awards, TV series ‘Shit Happens’, etc. Besides that Cecilie has also assisted Nicci, Louise Polano, Maria Bauch Wahlin og Vivi Skaaning Pilgaard.

“I work as freelance makeup artist and hair stylist, and besides that im also a part of the GHD Art Team. I’ve worked with Nicci for Fashion Week, award shows, different music videos and styled some artist for Red Carpet appearances. All that was possible for me to do, after I attended Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy. Which was a huge experience for me!”

Marlene Thougaard (MAC Cosmetics)

Marlene got a job at MAC Cosmetics straight after she graduated from Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy, and has been working there fulltime ever since. It is a job with a lot of educative challenges and fun! The next step in Marlene’s career is to apply for MAC Event Team this year.

“ It was without doubt the best thing I have done for myself, when it comes to my career. It was an amazing time where I got challenged and experience. It opened a lot of the right doors, and gave me friends that I have for life! It is probably the first time ever I can say that I miss going to school!”

Suror (founder of Glamzone Copenhagen)

Suror runs her own successful beauty company in Copenhagen, Glamzone Copenhagen, where she has several employees working for her. She does a lot of beauty makeup, event makeup and bridal makeup. Besides that she also do beauty photo shoots and educate her staff.

“I’m one of the lucky makeup artist that had the pleasure of attending Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy. My time at the academy was very educational, I got to know a lot of extremely talented people, it opened up for a lot of opportunities and has given me a good basic knowledge, that I can expand as my skills and experiences grow. After I graduated it was easy to find photographers and models, that wanted to work with me because I had attended Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy – That lead to a huge customer base. Today I have my own company, “Glamzone Copenhagen” on Frederiksberg, where I have several talented employees working for me, living their dream; working as makeup artists. If you have a dream about becoming a makeup artist and hair stylist I can definitely recommend Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy.”

Vicki Risom (commercials, music, fashion shows and Dennis Knudsen Event Team)

Vicki first assisting job was with Nicci on a Nik & Jay music video and afterwards a photo shoot with Alphabeat for their international commercial campaign. Today she is working as a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist, and is also a part of Dennis Knudsen’s Event Team.

“I have been extremely happy with the education and personal development I got from Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy. After I graduated I became Nicci Welsh personal assistant for a year, something that has meant a great deal for my career. It was amazing to work side by side, with the makeup artist and hair stylist, which in my opinion is the best one in Denmark. It gave me so much experience and knowledge. After assisting Nicci Welsh I started to work for Dennis Knudsen Denmark, where I’m Dennis Knudsens’ right hand, meaning that I in the daytime work as a hairdresser in his salon, and at nighttime I do makeup, hairdresser and styling shows with Dennis, in front of 100-600 women – all ages and all around Denmark. I would never have been without my education at Nicci Welsh makeup Academy and my time assisting Nicci – She and the Academy has my best recommendations.”



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