Training at Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy will provide you with all the skills you need to pursue any line of make-up or hair work; from fashion and advertising over TV and music to celebrity and event work. But couldn’t you gain the same expertise somewhere else? We don’t believe so. Here’s why.

A comprehensive education
The Nicci Welsh training programme enables you to work professionally as a hair and make-up artist. Mastering both hair and make-up is a basic requirement for a working career in most cities other than the fashion and film capitals London, New York, Paris, Milan and LA, where hair and make-up are hired as two separate capacities. The Academy education also teaches you techniques for all media and live situations. You will learn what is important for fashion print media and for achieving the perfect look even on HD digital film. In short, the NWM Academy prepares you for the very best start to your career and helps you make the choices needed to find your own niche.

Complete versatility, full expertise
The Nicci Welsh Event Team is the only hair and make-up team in Denmark that masters all areas of the industry. It is very rare for someone who works with both hair and make-up to gain access into one of the most competitive areas of the business; international high fashion. But Nicci Welsh has both entered it and received its recognition as an authority within both fields. Her teams get booked for on-schedule fashion shows and her editorials demonstrate her applied dual expertise. Training at the Nicci Welsh Academy, you will gain access to the same versatility of skills without compromising the level of expertise you develop. It is a unique industry advantage.

Professional tools

Our courses are supported by some of the industry’s best professional brands such as MAC, Nars, Oribe haircare, Sisley Paris, Nivea and more. It is important that you train with a variety of the very best products in order to experiment at the very highest level. With us, you will have a full range of both make-up and haircare products which we train with and apply in challenging set ups taking you all the way to the advanced, professional level of expertise. Our high-level training products and tools are your guarantee for an optimal level of challenges.

Intense and personal

At the Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy classes are kept small to ensure you get the maximum level of attention and individual learning from our tutors at all times. We provide one of the most intense and high-leveled training programmes available to ensure that you leave us 100% ready to work professionally. Our previous students are all proof that we get it right. You can read about them.

Unrivalled experience

With 20 years worth of incredibly varied industry experience at the highest level, working teams at events like International Fashion Week, award shows, TV shows and brand promotions, and personal work for the world’s top celebrities as well as musical artists and beauty brands, Nicci Welsh’s experience is unrivalled. The Academy therefore provides not only the best tried and tested methods across media and specialist fields, but also guarantees you updated knowledge on industry standards and challenges right now, as well as the latest knowledge on trends and techniques. Your graduation shoot from the Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy will be directly relevant to current industry trends and standards, so you can go directly from training to promotion.

Career advantages
With the quality stamp of a NWM Academy education, the industry will recognise your training level as advanced. No industry standards exist when it comes to hair and make-up education, but the NWMA graduates now working professionally within the industry and in the Nicci Welsh Event Teams have set a standard that is both recognised and in high demand. Assistant positions within the Nicci Welsh Teams are of course limited but the most remarkable students are always considered. Furthermore, Personal Make-up Artists for special 1:1 private events have just been added to the event portfolio and NWMA graduates will be considered for representation.

Off to a good start

Building your own professional kit is expensive, so we have arranged special discounts for all NWMA students with top brands MAC, NARS and more. Under our training you will gain all the confidence you need to make the right choices within the product and equipment ranges – all available to you at the very best prices.
 The Academy also provides guidance on other important issues such as web design, accounting, business management and career advice. It is imperative to us that you get off to a good start as a hair and make-up artist and a self employed business owner.

After Care
Exclusive free master classes.
Once you are certified Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist from Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy, we want to make sure that you keep your hair skills, makeup skills, and knowledge about trends, techniques and products, at the highest level. This means; when you finish at the academy, you will join the exclusive club of previous students. This is a unique lifetime membership where several times a year, all previous students are invited back to outstanding master classes at no extra charge.
Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy is the only school in Scandinavia providing this type of inspirational aftercare.

Specialised expertise

Whether you want to start a professional career to the highest standard, add new trends to an existing career or get help in finding the latest fashion look that suits you, there is an option that meets every need. 
The academy offers a range of courses, master classes, workshops and one to one training programs – regardless the area you want to specialise within, we have the expertise to get you there. At the Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy your imagination is the limit.



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