” Working in the beauty industry for over 25 years, has given me the opportunity to be able to work with countless of products and exclusive tools. Working as a makeup artist, I’ve often found myself in situations where I wished that I could just adjust my favourite products a bit, add new tools to a range or improve the way some of the products worked. It was this desire that ignited the idea of creating my own products.

The criteria for my products are very simple – they need to create flawless results, every time – for everyone!

I wanted to create products that make it possible for everyone to achieve a flawless finish – also if you’re not a professional!
I have personally selected, tested and developed every single product in my range, to make sure they live up to my hight expectations. All products have been tested backstage at different international Fashion Weeks, on my celebrity clients and last but not least on my self.” – Nicci Welsh



Nicci Welsh pro makeup børster
Nicci Welsh mini makeup børster