Colorful lashes was spotted at La La Berlin SS17 show, during Copenhagen Fasion Week. The models wore different coloured lashes – green, yellow, orange and blue – to bring out each models eye colour, in the most beautiful way possible. Nicci was key-artist on the makeup look. The look was the perfect combination of feminine and street cool, and is ideal for you that likes colour! Recreate the look with this easy step-by-step and bring out your beautiful eye colour in a new and fun way.


How to:

  1. Start by applying MAC Moisture Infusion Serum all over your face. It moisturizes your skin and prepares it for makeup.
  2. Warm up MAC Face and Body Foundation in the palm of your hand, with your fingers, to give it a more rich texture – That will give the foundation a higher coverage. Apply the foundation to any areas where you have redness.
  3. If there are areas on your skin that needs extra coverage, you can apply a small amount of MAC Studio Finish Concealer with a concealer brush, Nicci Welsh Concealer Brush.
  4. Apply MAC Mixing Medium Matte on the lips, to create a natural matte finish, without them looking dry.
  5. To create the perfect bushy brow, comb them through with a Nicci Welsh Eyebrow / Eyelash Brush.
  6. Lashes: Start by curling your lashes with MAC Full Lash Curler. That way your own lashes will look fuller and longer.
  7. Color your own lashes with Acrylic Paint from MAC in the right color for your eyes (see below). Use Nicci Welsh Fan Brush to color your upper and lower lashes. Acrylic Paints are a bit wet in texture, so it is important to let the lashes dry completely before you apply the false lashes on top.
  8. Apply MAC Lash nr. 33 on the upper lashes and MAC Lash nr. 31 on the lower lashes. Color the false lashes before you apply them, with the same brush as you colored your natural lashes. Be careful not to color the part where the glue sticks, as the glue won’t apply on Acrylic Paint.
  9. Apply the dry and colored false lashes on your own lashes with DUO Glue from MAC.
  10. If you have a hard time applying the false lashes, try to apply them with MAC Eyelash Applicator, it will make it easier.


The correct lash color for your eye color:

Eye color





Lash color





Want to see more cool backstage pictures from the show? Read all about the fun day here. 

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