Let’s be real – new products are the bomb! They can be game changing when it comes to our makeup routine, and some of these new products are so good, that we don’t know how we ever did our makeup before. Scroll down and see what products that are staying in our makeup bag for a LONG time, because they are just extremely amazing! 

1. MAC Strobe Cream – If you are a glowy skin lover this next one is for you. The ‘glowing from within’ look is back and if may say it better than ever! MAC has launched their cult product, Strobe Cream, in 4 new “shades”. Each strobe cream now has a shade name corresponding to the tone and pearl shimmers of the cream (Pinklite, Peachlite, Silverlite, Redlite, Goldlite). We think these will be great for the dark cold days of winter coming up.

2. Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil – 10 shades including one illuminating pencil. These pencils are great as they are such a multi-use product. Perfect to pop in the smallest of clutch to touch up a spot ‘on the go’. Perfect for someone that doesn’t want to have a full face of foundation but instead cover up any imperfections or redness. Also great for someone who wants some extra coverage on top of their foundation. The 9 shades from porcelain to rich ensures that there is a shade for everyone. If you love to contour like the Kardashians the deep shades are great to sculpt out your cheek bones. We love the Illuminate shade on the inner corner of the eyes and on top of the cheekbone.

3. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics – Urban decay is back again with its new ultimate basics palette. The 12 matte shades range from cold to warm tones, which is perfect for every skin tone. It’s statement packaging makes it known to everyone that Urban Decay is back and ready to slay. Perfect for everyday use and has a great mirror if you are doing your makeup ‘on the go’.

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