Want big and beautiful eyes like the stunning Cecilie Lassen? We have all the best tips for you, so you can recreate this beautiful look that Cecilie wore for the DANSK Design Talent 2016, where it was all about intense vampy eyes (can we just take a moment to appreciate those eyes!) – A look that will make your eyes ‘pop’ like never before! Keep scrolling and get big vampy eyes in no time! Hair and makeup on Cecilie Lassen: Pil Gad


  1. To achieve bigger looking eyes you have to have the perfect base for you eye makeup. Mix a light brown and a dark brown crème eye shadow and blend it on to the entire eyelid and along the lower lashes with a fluffy brush – this will enhance your eye shape and bring out your eye color (no matter if you have green, blue or brown eyes)
  2. You want to add dimensions to your eye, to make them look bigger – Therefore add a dark brown and a dark grey eye shadow on the outer part of the eyelid with a flat brush. 
  3. Give your eyes a ‘pop’ by adding a lighter shiny eye shadow in the center of your eyelid. Every time you ‘blink’ this will reflect the light.
  4. By rimming the eyes, in the lower and upper waterline, you will make your eyes look more intense, which will make them stand out more and therefore look bigger. Use a black kohl on the upper waterline and a dark brown on the lower waterline.
  5. Curl those lashes, girl! It is a must if you want big eyes. Make sure every lash is curled.
  6. Apply a good layer of mascara – Choose one that will give your lashes length and volume at the same time.
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of brows! With the right products and shape it can lift your eyes – Which will make them look more open and awake.
  8. Use two cool toned matte eye shadows for defining and filling in the brows. Make sure they don’t look overdone. Use the lighter shadow to define the shape and the darker shadow to fill in if there are areas where you are missing hair. Use an angle brush to apply it.
  9. Set the brows with a lightly tinted brow-gel.
  10. As the final touch to your brows, add a light eye shadow underneath the brows to make the shape even more sharp and lifted.

Products shown: Sephora Eye Lash Curler, MAC Paint Pot ‘Groundwork’ and ‘Quite Natural’, MAC Eyeshadow ‘Twinks’, ‘Era’, ‘All That Glitters’ and ‘Quarry’, MAC Eye Kohl ‘Teddy’ and ‘Feline’, The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara, Revitalash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel and Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow ‘Grey’ and ‘Cement’. 

Brushes shown: Nicci Welsh Eye Blend Brush, Nicci Welsh Eye Shadow Brush, Nicci Welsh Eye Smudge Brush and Nicci Welsh Eyebrow/Angle Eyeshadow Brush. 

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