The Festival Season has finally started, and whether you’re going to Roskilde Festival, Tinderbox or Skanderborg, you must try these hair styles as they will save you from any hair crisis!  

It is not always easy to find time to style your hair at festivals, and the accessibility to both mirror and baths are limited – but we want to look cool anyway!

Therefore we have found the best and coolest hairstyles, so you can plan your looks and worry less about your hair when you are at the festivals!


1. Turban look

Gather your hair in a bun on top of your head. Then wrap a bright scarf around your head – this will make your hair a part of your outfit AND make you look festival chic!


2. Bandana-Style

We know the bandana from last year, but you can easily bring it to the festival this year as well. Use is as a headband either from the nape of the neck and upwards to your forehead or as a bandeau instead of a flower crown. You can also use the bandana as a choker this year!


3. Dutch braids

Sometimes it get so warm at festivals, and therefor you MUST try this braid, as it is fashionable and practical, and has been spotted both on celebrities and on runways.
Here is a quick guide of how to make Dutch Braids:

  1. Section your hair into two parts from the middle of your head, and follow the steps on each side to braid a dutch braid on both sides of your head.
  2. Grab three sections of hair from the top of your head – just above your forehead.
  3. The Dutch Braid consists of intertwining the three strands of your hair so this will be the base you start from.
  4. Cross the right strand under the center strand, and then cross the left strand under the center strand.
  5. Repeat the pattern and cross the right strand, under the center strand, and then the left strand, under the center strand.
  6. Every time you take either the right or left strand – pick up another small section of hair from the same side of your head.
  7. So now you are adding more hair to your braid by picking up small strands every time you cross pieces under the center strand.
  8. Continue the dutch braid to the nape of your neck, and tie with an elastic band.

4. Pigtail buns

Pigtail buns or space buns, as some might call it, sends us back to the nineties and it has become one of this summers biggest hair trends. Here is how you create the perfect Pigtail Buns:

  1. Part your hair in the middle and brush out all the knots until it is smooth. 
  2. Secure one part with an elastic, and brush the other part into a high pigtail (as high as you want it).
  3. Twist the hair and wrap it round the base of the pigtail, where the elastic is.
  4. To secure, tie with another elastic and if you need it – some pins.
  5. Now repeat on the other side, and play around with the height and look until you get the look you want.

5. A half-up topknot

This hairstyle is perfect for festival, as it takes away hair from your face, but still gives you the opportunity til style the rest of the hair.

  1. Place a finger on each temple and move them towards the top/middle of your head until they touch each other.
  2. Take the upper section and secure it with an elastic into a ponytail.
  3. Twist the hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.
  4. Secure with an elastic and if needed – pins.
  5. Play around with it to find out how high you want it to sit, or how messy you want it to be to create the look you are going for!

Additionally of course we recommend that you bring a saltwater spray to create beautiful and cool textured hair, a good dry shampoo (you will need it at the end of the week) and a straw hat for the really bad hair days.


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