We love using hair accessories to switch up our look and give our style a twist! That’s why we love this summer’s stylish hair accessories. Make your outfit go from everyday to chic in no time, with these 7 pretty accessories: 

1. Hair Crowns

Hair crows are a feminine addition to your wardrobe and is perfect for both summer weddings and garden parties. Hair crowns are a perfect alternative to the classic flower crown, and comes in many beautiful styles.

2. Hats

Are you planning to go to the beach or a big city trip, then you have to bring a hat! Hats are perfect for summer, because they both protects your hair from the sun, makes you look stylish in an effortless way and also saves you from bad hair days! If you dont already own a hat it is time to go buy one!

3. Headbands

Headbands are a great way to keep hold on your hair, but also to accessorize a casual summer outfit. The headband looks great on almost everyone, whether your hair is a cool bob or you’re going for the longer beach wave style, just place it around your head and you are good to go. This accessory comes in all colors and shapes, so just find your favorite for the summer.

4. Hair Clips

If you are not into big hair accessories or you’re just going for a more simple look, you can use hair clips, as they come in different shapes. We recommend that you go for the metallic ones – they catch the eye in the sun and can be combined with every outfit. The hair clip is perfect for summer weddings as well!

5. Bandanas and Scarfs

Bandanas and scarfs are a hit this summer – both in your hair or around your neck. Whether your are going to vacation, spending a day at the beach or just having a bad hair day, you cannot go wrong with bandanas. It’s an easy and quick way to complete your whole outfit. Use it with both loose hair, braids or up-do’s and you will achieve an easy and spontaneous look.

6. Ribbons

The newest hair accessory is the ribbon. Besides being really affordable, ribbon is also versatile: you can use the ribbon around your ponytail – high or low, around your head as a headband or why don’t use it in a braid? We have seen this trend both on red carpets and catwalks this year so now it is your turn to try it out!

Summer hair accessories

ASOS, River Island, Festival Hair Crown, 173,92kr. // Zalando, Topshop Hat, 199kr. //Missoni, Head band, ca. 1000kr. //  Asos, Mini Open Shapes Hair Clips, 54,35kr. // Ellos, Tørklæde/Bandana 79.95 kr. // Panduro, Velour eller silkebånd 34kr/m.

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