Foundation, concealer, corrector, BB cream, CC cream – the list is endless when it comes to products that can help your skin to look flawless and beautiful. But which one should you choose and how do you achieve the results you want?
Before you buy anything, it is essential that you have the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ in mind as they will help you on your way to achieve the beautiful skin you want:


– Color check – Always test 3 different colors of foundation on the jawline, in order to match it up with your neck. If you only test one foundation, you have no chance to make sure that the color is 100% correct. Additionally, it can not be said enough times – NEVER test your foundation on the arm or hand, to find the right color. Few people have the same color on the hands, as in the face.
– Switch it up! – Most of you will have a delicious glow in the summer, so your winter foundation frequently becomes to light. To stop this buy a “winter” and “summer” foundation – that way you can even mix the color to fit perfectly to your skin all year round.
– Tools, tools, tools – Good tools are a necessity, also when it comes to makeup. Always apply your foundation, concealer, etc. with a brush for a more consistent and error-free results. If you select a flat brush, it will give you more coverage than if you choose one that is more fluffy and round. Remember that your brushes should be washed once a week, otherwise they will become filled with bacteria and old product.
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–  Texture – don’t choose your foundation because of what your friend is using as few of us have the exact same skin type. Ask a beautician, or where you buy your foundation, on which type of product to choose for your skin type. Your foundation can work against your skin so that it looks worse than it is. – Kim K. gone wrong – Kim Kardashian is known worldwide for her contour and flawless skin therefore many taken her routine for to try on their selves, BUT most people get it wrong when it comes to the choice of concealer. A concealer should be 1-2 tones lighter than your own skin tone. If it is 4-5 tones lighter, the skin will look grey and dull, instead of healthy and beautiful.  Even Kim can get it wrong at times:

Product Type:

There are thousands of different types of foundations, BB creams, etc., But here is a general guide for you, so you can find it easier to navigate through them.
Foundation (here are the two types most often requested)
Matte Finish: Very good if you have oily skin and want to dampen the “greasy” look. If you have dry skin, this type of foundation is not for you unless it also moisturizes the skin at the same time.
Glowy finish: Provides the skin with plenty of moisture, and will suit to everything from a normal / combination skin, to a very dry skin.
BB Cream BB stands for Beauty Balm, and gives a light to medium coverage. The good thing about BB creams is that they usually contain plenty of other benefits, such as primer, SPF, smoothing effect, and so on. A great product for those who are on the go. Available for all skin types.
CC Cream: CC stands for Color Corrector, and is a product targeted to small areas. If, for example you tend to have red cheeks, you can use a CC cream on the red area, and then apply a BB cream or foundation. CC creams are most commonly found in yellow (good to calm redness), orange (good for pigmentation and dark spots) and a neutral color (can be used for everything, but is not as effective as the other two colors).
– Concealer: have a more intense coverage than a foundation, and is therefore intended for use in smaller areas. Most often they are with a yellowish undertone (good to cover pimples, broken capillaries and other redness) and with a pink / peach undertone (good for dark lines and pigmentation). If you are unsure about which color to choose, is it a good idea to look at opposite colors – It is usually bluish or greenish under the eyes, and therefore is an orange / pink concealer fantastic. The same applies with pimples and broken blood vessels, they are mostly red / purple ..

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