Photo credit: Chrichri Magazine – The Beautiful Issue

In the newest Chrichri Magazine – The Beautiful Issue – you can read all about the hottest beauty trend right now, ‘Glam Squads’! Nicci, and Pil Gad and Nini Elisabeth Jørgensen from Nicci Welsh Pro-team, is featured in the magazine, as they are a part of a ‘Glam Squad’. Scroll down and read all about what it’s like and how you can become a part of one.  

What is a ‘Glam Squad’?

“You know the feeling – your confidence gets a extra boost when your hair and makeup is on point, and you walk out the door like the best version of yourself. It is a feeling that you can get addicted to very quickly! That is why it is no longer only the rich, famous or the Kardashians, that have their own personal makeup artist – It is luxury that a lot of Danish women choose to spend money on. Because of that, personal makeup and hair artist are now in high demand, as everyone want their own ‘Glam Squad’ to glam them up before they go to a party, to dinner, on their wedding day or before they meet up with their girl friends for a night out.” – From the ChriChri Magazine, The Beautiful Issue. 

How do you become a part of a ‘Glam Squad’?

To become a part of a ‘Glam Squad’ it is essential that your hair and makeup skills are at the highest level – It will give your clients a professional impression of you and make them feel comfortable. Pil and Nini have both graduated from this school, to be able to join Nicci’s ‘Glam Squad. It is extremely inspiring and fun to be a pat of a ‘squad’, as you work side by side other amazing artist.

Photo credit: Chrichri Magazine – The Beautiful Issue

 You can read more about their education….



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