Even though we adore luxurious products, we are also ALL about basic tools and products, as beauty doesn’t have to be expensive to be good and effective. Therefore, we would love to reintroduce to you: your toothbrush. Not the fancy kind, but the average kind that you can buy at any grocery store. It has so much potential when it comes to your every day beauty routine (May we suggest that you have a spare one for these tricks, and one for brushing your teeth).



  1. Soft lips – Mix sugar with a little bit of coconut oil and softly scrub your lips in circular motions with a toothbrush. This will combat any dry and flakey lips in no time. Your lips will straight away look more plump and healthy.
  2. Control flyaways – Baby hair or flyaways as they are called can look really cute and pretty – if they are tamed and put into place. For most of you that have unruly flyaways, as a part of your every day life they might not come across as cute, but more annoying and in the way. BUT with a clean toothbrush and some hairspray (it can be any hair spray) you can take back the control! Spray it on the toothbrush and comb down the flyaways. Simple and neat.
  3. Brows on point – If your brows are living their own life and your forgot your brow brush, you can use a clean brush to tame them. If you want extra hold spray a little hair spray or dap some wax on the toothbrush. We promise you your brows will stay on point all day.
  4. Taking your dry shampoo to the next level – We can’t say enough how much we appreciate dry shampoo, as it makes our busy days way easier. But, with this little trick your hair will look even better when you use it. Spray it on to the roots like your normally would but then comb the roots afterwards with the toothbrush. This will lay down any stray hairs and remove any white residue.
  5. No more stained nails – You forget to use your base coat when you apply your favourtie red nail polish, and afterwards you are left with stained and yellow-ish nails. No more! Take a little bit of toothpaste on a toothbrush and gently scrub your nails. Voila, and you have white nails again.

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