Does your skin look tired and boring no matter what you do? Here are 4 mistakes in your makeup routine that can make you look tired and dull, without you knowing it. 

1. Matte, matte, matte…
Over the last couple of years matte skin, lips and eyes have been a huge trend when it came to beauty. But if your not careful, a matte foundation can make your skin look grey and dry. Therefore it is better if you choose a foundation that gives your skin glow and moisture – you will see the difference straight away!

2. Blush-Baby!
To most women blush is something that belongs to the older generation, but blush is actually a miracle for dull skin. Apply a fresh pink and peach color on the apples of the cheek, and your skin will look and feel like spring!

3. White as snow!
Highlighter is something that most people know about, but it can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to where and how much – especially when it comes to eyes. By applying a lighter eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye, it will appear larger – BUT not if it snow white and with loads of glitter. That sort of eye shadow is for very young girls, as they can get away with anything. A more neutral color and finish will make you realize how much more awake and open your eyes will look!


4. Eyeliner attack!
Most women have a love for black eyeliner, but because the color is so intense and dark it can make you look even more tired then you actually are. On days where your eyes are small and puffy, you’re better of choosing a blue or brown eyeliner – it doesn’t look as heavy and will give your eyes a little touch of spring!

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