Shiseido has just launched a new collection of red lipsticks called, Rouge Rouge. The collection is released at the perfect time, as one of autumn’s biggest trends is a red lip. With a collection of 16 different shades of red, there is without a doubt one that fits you perfectly. The great thing about red lips is that they can transform your look from dull to glam in no time. However, it is important that the color complements your skin tone, otherwise it can cause a pale look. Identify your skin tone, and then choose a shade of red that suits you:




Lighter Skin tone – You look best with an intense orange-red color as it creates a beautiful contrast and warmth to your pale skin. Do not go for cold colors, as it may give your skin a blushed red tint. Try for example. Coral Shore, Liason and First Bite.


Medium Skin tone – You look best with a clear classic red color, a color that has an equally warm and cold undertoner. The pure color looks beautiful on your medium / golden colored skin, because it makes your skin look fresh. Try for example. Real Ruby, Burning Up and Poppy.


Olive skin tone – You look best with warm reds, as it emphasizes the skin’s golden hues. Deep dark red colors is also a good alternative, as they create a nice contrast to the skin. Try for example. Ruby Copper, Crime of Passion and Toffee Apple.


Darker Skin tone – You look best with blue based reds, as they look more intense in color on your skin. If the color isn’t powerful enough, the whole effect of a red lip will disappear. Try for example. Murrey, Rouge Rum Punch and Poppy.

First row from the right (from the top down)

First Bite (a bright burned orange)

Liaison (a subtle red with an orange note)

Real Ruby (a glowing brownish red)

Ruby Cobber (a vivid, warm bright red)


Second row from the right (from the top down)

Poppy (a classic, clear bright red)

Toffee Apple (a sweet and bright warm red)

Rouge Rum Punch (an intense brown/red violet)

Bloodstone (an intense, rich, brownish red)

Second row from the left (from the top down)

Sweet Desire (a rich reddish brown, slightly more pink than Hushed Tones)

Hushed Tones (a warm pinky brown)

Coral Shore (a delicate warm coral shade)

Murrey (a cool reddish coral)

First row from the left (from the top down)

Red Queen (a formal pinkish red-brown, slightly darker than Rose Crush)

Rose Crush (a subtle pinkish brown)

Crime of Passion (a warm reddish coral)

Burning Up (a fresh peachy pink)

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