Recognise this scenario: you want that flawless skin and beautiful intense (every day, all year around, please!) like the celebrities, and you spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get it right, but no matter what you try you don’t quite get the same look. Girl, we get you! But look no further – With these simple products and our step-by-step guide you can learn how Nicci created this beautiful look on Saseline for a red carpet event. Let’s get glam together! 


Products shown: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit, Sisley Compact Sun Glow Bronzing Gel-powder, Benefit Sun Beam, Benefit Lemon Aid, MAC ‘Wedge’ eye shadow, MAC ‘Brule’ eye shadow, MAC ‘Handwritten’ eye shadow and The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner. 


  1. Apply NARS Sheer Glow Foundation all over the face with a flat foundation brush – this will give you the perfect base!
  2. Use the light color from Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit under the eyes, in between the your brows, on the chin and a bit on top of the cheekbones with a concealer brush. 
  3. Blend the concealer and foundation together with a fluffy brush to create the amazing airbrushed finish.
  4. Apply the dark color in the concealer kit under the cheekbones and on each side of the nosebridge – This is the first step when creating a beautiful natural contour.
  5. Blend in the dark concealer color with the same fluffy brush as before.
  6. Use Sisley Compact Sun Glow Bronzing Gel-powder on top of the dark concealer color to add more definiton and to give the skin even more glow and warmth – This bronzer is life! We love to use this blush brush to apply it.
  7. Add Benefit Sun Beam on top of your cheekbones and on the nosebridge with a small fluffy brush – This will make you glow like the sun!
  8. For the eyes apply Benefit Lemon Aid as a base – all over the lid and a but under the eyes to neutralise any redness.
  9. Blend in MAC ‘Wedge’ eye shadow on the lid and even out the edges with a small fluffy brush. 
  10. Use MAC ‘Brule’ eye shadow to highlight the shape of your brows and in the inner corner to open up your eyes. This tricks is old school but it works!
  11. Apply MAC ‘Handwritten’ eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye to intensify the eyes – This color is SO beautiful! Blend it in nicely with an eye contour brush. 
  12. Define your lashes and the shape of your eyes with The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner – Apply it along the upper and lower lashes and also on the water line. Blend the edges with a smudge brush – this is the trick that will make the eye makeup go from average to glam!
  13. Apply mascara or a pair of beautiful fake lashes to make your eyes ‘pop’ even more.

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