Easter holiday is here, and for most people that means a quick getaway! We’ve picked out the most essential hair products for you, so you can look amazing no matter what your destination is, and if it includes a lovely plane ride.

1. Stay fabulous – Even when it comes to you hair elastics! These are an ‘all-in-1” – an accessory, very practical and cheap! 
Madame Pom Pom Hårelastikker, 79kr. for 4 stk. 

2. No matter what hairstyle you’re going for this brush will do the work for you! 
Maison Pearson Pocket Bristle, 730kr. 

3. Gives your hair volume and structure, no matter what the look is. 
BumbleandBumble Thickening Hairspray mini size, 75kr. 

4. Second day hair? Not a problem with this little Dry shampoo in your purse. 
Lee Startford Dry Shampoo (Minisize), 39kr. 

5. A must-have when you’re traveling, as it gives you hold and tames frizz. 
ORIBE Superfine Hairspray (mini size), 155kr.

6. Protects against UV and is extremely nourishing for your hair – the essence to healthy and smooth hair on your vacation! 
Kérastase Elixir Ultime Grand Cru Rose Millénaire Oil, 59kr.

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